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Black Tie Media

Black Tie Media is the ideal partner for the production of TV programs, corporate videos, commercials, music videos and documentaries - www.blacktiemedia.nl

BMD Parkmanagement

A business park that optimally supports companies in their operations - www.bmdparkmanagement.nl


Ceraseals designs and manufactures seals and associated products mainly for the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, power, mining and many more industrial applications - www.ceraseals.com


Forestry services - www.devobo.nl

Global Topology

Global Topology translates the human factor in intercultural and international digital marketing - www.globaltopology.com

Intense Wines

Intense Wines is an importer and creator of sustainable/organic wines - www.intensewines.com


Design and construction of creative wall and facadesolutions - www.m2uur.nl

MKB Trade Office

The largest local SME business association in the Netherlands and organiser of this Trade Mission - www.mkbtradeoffice.nl


Omix is a consultancy house for educational logistics in the Netherlands - www.omix.nl

Oost NL

GO4EXPORT supports entrepreneurs from the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel in the Netherlands, to take the right steps in export - www.go4export.nl

Port of Zwolle

The Port of Zwolle Authority is responsible for the economic development, management, exploitation and promotion of the harbour facilities in Zwolle, Kampen and Meppel - www.portofzwolle.nl


Samarali creates stylish yoga & sporting products with Asian design, made of eco-friendly and natural materials which have a low impact to nature - www.samarali.eu 


Tijdlab is a 3D and GIS company from the Netherlands with a focus on bringing archaeology to the public in new and exciting ways - www.tijdlab.nl

Universal Storage Containers

USC provides container product solutions for various industries around the world -www.universalstoragecontainers.nl